The best of Alexandria, Egypt

Only a 3 hour drive from Cairo sits Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt, carrying the name of the man who built it to rule the world thousands of years ago, Alexandria the Great. The city has definitely lost some of the magnificence of its past and today’s Alexandria is filled with concrete apartment buildings and offices. However, with a bit of searching you can still find bits of Alexandria’s glorious past.

I discovered that having the names of places you want to go written down in Arabic as well as English can make it easier for locals to point you in the right direction. Also note that numbers are often written in Arabic, so having a table of Arabic numbers with you is a very smart idea.

A stroll around Corniche in Alexandria should not be missed. It has a worldly appeal for those looking for history, and entertainment value for those looking for a good time. The waterfront is one side and civilization with a lot of restaurants and cafes on the other.

The National Museum of Alexandria is a must visit for anyone who is interested in Egyptian antiquities and history. The museum gives a total comprehensive picture of not only Alexandrian history, but the history of Egypt as a whole and spans across three floors providing wonderful insight into former times. It covers everything from the Pharaonic era to the Byzantine and Islamic periods. I found the section that displays antiquities that were found under the sea in Alexandria with live pictures particularly amusing.

I also got to visit the Montaza Palace which is the best place to enjoy a nice relaxing day out in beautifully manicured botanical gardens and the ‘Bibliotheca Alexandrina‘ great library, which is considered the archive of ancient knowledge.

Alexandria’s cultural and historical experiences are the reasons why we recommend this trip. Let’s get you started by sending us an email on [email protected].