Destination of the month – Amman, Jordan.

The Ruins of Petra, Jordan
The Ruins of Petra, Jordan


I have been to several countries in the Middle East before, but never in Jordan. After spending a couple of days exploring what Amman had to offer, it is easy to see why it has become one of my favorite destinations.

My journey began in Amman, the heart of it all. I had a fantastic time visiting every place I could, blending in with the locals and discovering everything from delicious food to ancient Roman ruins.
I was especially impressed by the Dead Sea and the underwater magnificence of Aqaba, inspired by the ruins of Petra. The stars at Wadi Rum’s desert took my breath away. Literally.

My first stop was the ancient ruins of the Citadel. The best place to get those fantastic panoramic city views, and also perfect for those who love hiking and have no fear of heights.

Ever wanted to make your perfume? Well, this is the place for you. In downtown Amman, they have little perfume shops where you can test fragrances and bottle up your favorite.

Spa lovers aren’t left behind at all. A traditional Turkish bath is quite the experience. Well, mostly it comes as a surprise as you have to spend the whole day in just your birthday suit- but it will all be worth it. It will leave you feeling fresh and soft like never before!

Had enough about Amman? I hope not because there is more! Ice-cream lovers- this is good news for you. In every twist and turn, you will find so many shops selling ice-cream. So many colors, so many flavors – It’s a color heaven combined with the graffiti on the restaurants.

Trust me; you never had ice-cream like this. They have gelato and sorbet ON A STICK; then you choose a bar of melted flavored chocolate to dip it in… THEN, before it dries, you select a candy to ROLL IT IN! Then it dries, and it is the perfect layered customized popsicle! Amazing, right? I’m honestly salivating as I write this.

While these were my favorite things that I did in Amman, there are so many other things that you can do. Be sure to send us an email on [email protected] or call us on +254 722 354 333 / 733 616 445 and get to explore Amman with us.

Photo of the Week – Stilt Fishermen in Weligama

stilt fishermen in weligama sri lanka
Stilt fishermen in Weligama Sri lanka


When most people hear about Sri Lanka, they picture the amazing expansive beaches, but at first that was not me. When I saw Steve McCurry’s iconic photograph of Stilt fishermen sitting on poles in the middle of a stormy sea, I instantly knew that I had to travel to Sri Lanka to experience this first hand.

During World War II, there was food shortage so some fishermen started using wreckage of capsized ships and downed aircraft to fish, then they advanced and began erecting their stilts in coral reefs. These fishermen make the activity seem easy and comfortable, but it actually requires much skill and balance.

A vertical pole with an attached crossbar is embedded into the sea floor among the shallows, or on a riverbed. This crossbar allows the fishermen to be seated a couple of meters above the water causing minimal shadows on the water and hence little to no disturbance amongst the sea life. The stilt fishermen then use a rod from this precarious position to bring in a good catch of spotted herrings and small mackerels from the comparative shallows of the sea. They collect the catch in a bag tied to the pole or to their waist.

Sadly, this craft is dying off and we would like you to experience it by booking a tour to Mirissa beach, Hikkaduwa Beach or Unawatuna Beach. To do this, send us an email on [email protected] or call us on +254 722 354 333 / 733 616 445.

Photo of the Week – Aerial view of Bergen, Norway

 Aerial view of Bergen, Norway
Aerial view of Bergen, Norway


A trip to Bergen isn’t much different. You spend a lot of it wandering around downtown instead of seeing any particular sites. But really that’s one of the things I love the most about Bergen – the city is so beautiful that you can have an amazing time there even with a totally empty itinerary.

I love the cobblestone streets and the old buildings, and peeking in all the random little shops. So many of my favourite cities seem to have been taken over by big bland chains, so I just love that so many of the independent stores in Bergen have managed to survive.

And even if it is totally touristy, I do get excited each time I walk by Bergen, whose foundations date back to the 12th century. There’s so much history there, and I love walking around imagining what the city was like hundreds of years ago. It is easily worth a visit all on its own, but considering all the amazing fjord views outside of the city it’s always a shame to visit without exploring the surrounding area as well. Ideally you’d want to spend a couple of days in Bergen and then spend a few days on the fjords, but if you’re truly pressed for time you could just spend one day exploring Bergen and then make a day trip out to the fjords.

If you enjoy fish, cheese, cinnamon buns and hot dogs then Bergen is the place for you. The abundance of fresh fish makes for delicious eating. Fast food in Norway means hot dogs or pølse. Everyone’s favourite place for pølse in Bergen is Trekroneren .There are many different flavours of sausage and hundreds of topping combinations. You can even try reindeer sausage.

What can I say, Norwegian nature just has this pull over me. In fact I think most people visiting Norway will agree – the best part about Norway is the beautiful landscape here, and Bergen is no exception.

Bergen locals are very proud of their city and I’ll admit my friends from Bergen have shown me how to fall in love with it. So if you really want to get to know the city, consider booking Trafalgar Norway Holiday or  by sending us an email on [email protected] or call us on +254 722 354 333 / 733 616 445. Our packages are surprisingly affordable and they will give you a unique perspective on Bergen.

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