Top 6 Romantic Places in Singapore

Singapore is not just great with the futuristic skyscrapers all over. Turns out there are a ton of activities and places in Singapore that will certainly dial up the romance: whether you’re on honeymoon, anniversary, or whatever special occasion between you and your dearest.  Read on as I narrate you the highlights of Singapore’s most romantic places!

Marina Bay

Marina Bay Sand is where the action is at. Take a stroll by the Marina Bay Sands and treat your peepers to the laser light show – a spectacle of water jets, lasers and fire geysers that’ll leave you gasping for air. On a lazy afternoon, pamper yourselves at one of the best high tea sets around. Or, marvel at the architectural feats that abound here, dominating the skyline.

View from top of Marina Bay Sands skypark
View from top of Marina Bay Sands Skypark


7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise Experience

Combine the Caribbean’s all year round charming weather and gorgeous beaches with the delights of a state-of-the-art cruise ship and you have a piece of heaven right here on earth. The Caribbean stretch harbors unique historical, cultural natural attractions all waiting to be explored. And what better way to do so than from the comfort and luxury of cruising? Cruising is always more than an activity – it’s a lifestyle. Here are the best highlights from my Western Caribbean Cruise expedition!

Fort Lauderdale

At Florida’s East coast is amazing Fort Lauderdale: scores of blue flagged beaches with all nature of activities – whether just decompressing beach side, whether it’s boating, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, you are guaranteed a heck of an experience. Then there’s the city – a hub of culture with exhibitions, festivals, and museums displaying all manner of articles, from treasures of former pirates, to thrilling extreme water sports like water polo, synchronized swimming, as well as former water Olympics memorabilia!

Snorkeling at Fort Lauderdale
Snorkeling at Fort Lauderdale


Destination of the week – CAMBODIA

Cambodians are among the happiest and resilient people I’ve ever seen. Perhaps this is why Cambodia’s tourism is now booming – its lovely people, despite its troubled legacy. But that’s far from being the only thing that defines Cambodia. From incredible ancient architecture to the world’s largest religious building to dreamy beaches, make sure to check out these amazing highlights in your Cambodian expedition!

Phnom Pen

In Phnom Penh, we were enchanted by the Royal Palace, a buildings complex harking back to the 19th century and a former royal residence of the king. Here, official duties were undertaken, royal staff burned the midnight oil, and the king and his family resided. The edifice stands proudly today, showcasing its resplendent architecture. Its gilded spires dominate the skyline. But since the residence is still used for official purposes today, much of it is closed to the public. However, we were able to see the adjacent Silver Pargoda, known as such due to the extravagant 5329 silver tile that cover its floor, giving it an otherworldly look!

The Phnom Pen Palace
The Phnom Pen Palace

Destination of the week – CANADA

Canada. How are you to know the incredible geographical variety of the world’s second largest country if not by witnessing it firsthand? Canada is awash with movie like, breathtaking beauty and scenery. But don’t take our word for it – visit today and see for yourself the stuff that makes up Canada. 


This is definitely one of the most picturesque places I’ve seen the world over, from ranges of snowcapped, gigantic mountains to glaciers to blue lakes. That’s right, Lake Morraine and Lake Louse are world famous for being literally blue, as a result of a refraction of light off the glacial rocks at their bottoms.

Banff National Park Alberta BC, Lake Morraine
Banff National Park Alberta BC, Lake Morraine


Destination of the week – NAMIBIA

When you hear Namibia, you probably think Kalahari Desert. Kalahari is definitely one of the remarkable formations worth seeing in this country in Africa’s south, but when it comes to fascinating nature and culture, Namibia has plenty more. Make sure to check out these highlights!


The world’s largest sand plain i.e. Kalahari Desert, is a must see while in Namibia. Kalahari is not exactly a desert, but rather a semi-arid area. Here, solitary stretches of space crush into each other and off they spin – to the unseen horizon. And yes, there’s vegetation: mainly grass tussocks, shrubs, and trees that have adapted to the area’s sporadic precipitation. There are animals too, in the more northern parts. We spotted the South African lion, hyenas, desert black rhinos, wild dogs, baboons, elephants and more.

Male Lion Roaming the Kalahari
Male Lion – Kalahari