The French Riviera is the great Mediterranean Coastline of the south of France. It is located in Monaco, one of the major tourist destination in France. Its climate makes it hospitable for tourists all year round, with summers being slightly warm and the cold in winter also being mild. The French Riviera has usually received stiff competition from the Italian Riviera but once I viewed its old school appearance and rich cultural infrastructure, my mind was almost completely made up. Looking at the luxurious things one could do in the French Riviera, The list is endless. But her are the few things I was able to do.

Shopping tour at high end fashion houses

A tunnel towards the shopping mall in Monaco
A tunnel towards the shopping mall in Monaco

For shopping, Monaco is just the best destination for anyone willing to explore. It was a surprise to find all the fashions big names such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier and Valentino among others in the same area. The experience is marvelous, the arrangement of designs based on prices and even style made it completely easy to find exactly what you are looking for. However, I would recommend that one seek guidance first before visiting any of these shopping areas, as even though I had a great time shopping, it would have been made better by at least some advice either online or from a local friend.

Destination of the week – TURKEY

What comes in your mind when you hear Turkey? The Eurasian country straddling two continents is truly exotic: an endless coastline thanks to being surrounded by three seas, a rich history with Greek influences, home of the Biblical town a.k.a Ephesus and a rich biodiversity with a new plant discovered every day!

My Turkey tour was full of unforgettable experiences and as usual, I bring you the very best highlights!

Pamukkale HierapolisPamukkale-Hierapolis: Pamukkale, literally “Cotton Castle” in Turkish, is an unbelievable site in Denizli, Turkey, with thermal springs and calcium coated terraces and pools – formed as a result of tectonic activity going on underground for millennia. People have flocked here for thousands of years to bathe in the healing waters of the springs and marvel at the beauty of the contrast between the turquoise waters and the calcium white deposits. We had massive fun hopping through the terraces and paddling in the mineral rich warm pools. Bring a bag to carry your sandals as only bare feet are allowed! At the top of Pamukkale is Hierapolis, an ancient city mentioned in the Bible, but now lies in beautiful, haunted ruins. From necropolises (tombs) to ruined temples and altars to baths to museums the Hierapolis ruins are any explorer’s dream!

Destination of the week – ST. PETERSBURG

The world’s largest country is famous for many things, and touristic appeal is one of them. And Saint Petersburg city, its second largest, nestled at the tip of the east of the Baltic, sure lives up to its reputation: history and tradition fused with modernity, art, and beautiful canals all over. It’s not for nothing that the entire city is a UNESCO World’s Heritage Site.

We bring you the best of my St. Petersburg’s tour!

Destination of the week - The HermitageThe Hermitage: The Hermitage is a museum and former palace and one of the oldest, and biggest, and definitely one of the most beautiful – with green, gold and blue outer colors. It houses an incredible 3 million collections of art. Here, people can spend several days just to see everything. Our group took 3 hours to see an overall impression of the main rooms and more famous pieces. On the first floor, we passed through former palace rooms and saw personal belongings of former czars, and breathtaking works by geniuses Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso and also Spanish, Flemish and Dutch art. The second floor stocks a huge, impressive Asian and Middle Eastern art and former coins from old civilizations. And to think this was once a private palace truly boggles the mind. If you love history and art, the Hermitage will change your life forever! Tip: Bring along a bottle of water, you will need it.

Destination of the week – MAURITIUS

Mauritius is everything you ever imagined, and more. Dreamy beaches. A pleasant climate. Flora and fauna. Lush scenes. Indulgent hotels for every budget. Rich history. A hospitable people. Everything you might have heard about Mauritius is true, but the reality is the real thing.

Mauritius conjures up the image of golden sandy beaches and days spend on the shore just soaking up the sun. That is part of it, but the Indian Ocean Island offers so much more. I bring you the best highlights of my one week stay in Mauritius!


This little-known village in Riviere Noire District packs several scenic sights. First is the Seven Colored Earths, a sand dune – a geological surprise which somehow merges seven colors – red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow. Another fascinating fact about the dune is they never erode despite the heavy rains that occur in the area.

chamarel - Mauritius

Destination of the week – ROME

Italy’s capital takes great pride in its prehistorical and artistic charm – where else would you find the biggest concentration of ancient monuments and art in the world?

Rome is so special – and it’s not just because of the globally respected art galleries, 3000 year history, and culture. The best way experience the city of Rome is to walk in its very streets: the statues, the sculptures, the fountains (with drinkable water!) the piazzas.

In our tour of Rome, our first stop was the Colosseum, a massive stone amphitheater which we learned is still the largest inColosseum the world today. The building stands out for a reason – it has a complex and intricate architecture with a massive sitting capacity and about 80 entrances.
And below it, there are numerous underground tunnels where entertainers would emerge to the arena. Walking across the hallways of the Colosseum is truly exhilarating, what with all the gladiator fights that used to take place here, the public trials and sometimes executions!