Memorable Euro Asia Holidays Destinations – Russia

Russia up in Europe offers you a rich cultural and archaeological history, and vodka! I am a history buff, so the Golden ring was naturally on the top of my list. The Golden Ring allows you to see ancient towns with cultural and historical importance.The Golden Ring - Hliday Bazaar Limited

My fascination with train travel led me to hop on the Trans Siberian railway, the longest in the world, and which allows you to see so many sites on a single journey. I made several stops to see the sights along the way, including one at Irkutsk, home of Lake Baikal, the deepest in the world.



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Memorable Euro Asia Holidays Destinations – Italy

My visit to Italy soon revealed why Italy has the most World Heritage Sites. Italy truly stands out for its unique art, culture, cuisine and fashion. Cinque Terre - Holiday Bazaar LimitedI visited Cinque Terre, 5 small fishing villages, only connected by paths and sea. What makes Cinque Terre special is its tranquility and authenticity.

I also took a tour of Rome, visiting the Vatican. The Vatican Museums reveal loads of relics amassed by Popes throughout the centuries.




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Memorable Euro Asia Holidays Destinations– Greece

The land of Greece is teeming with tourist attraction sites. For me, the Acropolis of Athens was my first stop. This is an ancient citadel with archaelogical buildings most importantly the Parthenon, the Temple which once housed Artemis, the goddess of Athens.santorini - Holiday Bazaar LImite

The Meteora up in Thesally also stood out for me – an unusual rock formation of six massive natural pillars. And honestly, what would be a visit to Greece without checking out the Greek Archipelago? I detoured to the Santorini qnd Mykonos islands, seeing as they’re the most popular. The emerald waters, the endless beaches and the beautiful sand dunes all leave an impression on you. Not to mention all the water activities available: snorkelling, white water rafting, swimming etc.


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