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Set your sights on Isalo National Park Madagascar

Madagascar is an island full of fascinating destinations offered by Holiday Bazaar Kenya. One of the island’s most dramatic landmarks is undoubtedly the Isalo National Park.


Up on its plateau, you’ll feel like you’re on another planet — among rocks wrought into exotic shapes by the wind over millennia. Yet, travel a bit downhill and you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush vegetation. Further down still, in the canyons and gorges, discover hidden caves with secret springs, rivers and pools. Are your trekking feet excited yet?


Luxury holidays in Madagascar often incorporate excursions to Isalo. If you want to see it properly, ready yourself for a challenge. Hire a local guide and / or bearer to help you undertake your journey in safety and some style. They will make your adventure more comfortable and point out hidden gems (figuratively) that you may easily miss, from stalactites to shy lemurs lurking in the bush.

Lemming for Lemurs?

Some of the lemurs in the park are quite bold. When you are among the trees, look out for them leaping overhead, their long tails silhouetted against the sky.

The best time to visit Magadascar

Isalo is a year round destination. Travelling from Kenya, simply take a flight to Ivato International Airport. Then transfer to Miandrivazo Airport, just a short taxi ride away from the park.


There, you may choose to stay in the Isalo Rock Lodge and explore locally, or set out immediately on the trail.

The sunset at Fenêtre de l’Isalo

Visit sparkling waterfalls and magnificent caverns. The park is home to exotic reptiles, frogs and many species of birds. At dusk expect to see owls take flight looking for prey. We highly recommend planning your day so that you enjoy sun set through the natural window of rock at the Fenêtre de l’Isalo. These fascinating structures have been standing since the Jurassic era; it’s the closest experience you’ll have to a time-travelling.

Excited to get started with your Magadascar adventure?

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