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‘Get Up and Go!’ in Tokyo

Cutting-edge fashion. High-end design. Neon lights. Ramen. Harajuku.

Konnichiwa, Tokyo!

HB - Tokyo

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Tokyo: one of the world’s most dynamic cities; a place where ancient tradition comes face to face with the most vibrant aspects of the modern world. A trip to this city is always a thrill.

How to find it all without a guide?

One caveat – bring an extra suitcase.

Let us then take you to one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Harajuku Street Tokyo
Takeshita Street is a popular ‘youth culture/fashion’ shopping street located in Harajuku

Visit spectacular temples and shrines, explore vibrant markets and shopping districts full of surprises and indulge in amazing food – there are more Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo than anywhere else in the world.

Tokyo Plaza Omotesando Harajuku
Tokyo Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

At night there are bustling bars and nightclubs to dance the night away. In a city that takes the arts very seriously, there are plentiful theatres and galleries to visit at all hours. You don’t need to be able to speak Japanese to enjoy a kabuki play or even a night at the opera.

Travelling from Kenya to Tokyo is easier than you may think. While you’ll need at least one stopover when flying out from Nairobi, there are plenty of airlines to choose from. And once you arrive at Tokyo International Airport reaching the city centre is just minutes away.

Shinjuku Gyoen Park
Shinjuku Gyoen was constructed on the site of a private mansion in 1906

There’s an abundance of good hotels from which to choose, whether you want a familiar hotel chain experience or something traditionally Japanese with a futon or sleeping mat to relax your head upon. Luxury holidays in Japan, a country that prides itself on superior quality service, really do deliver.

The Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo in 2020 and as a result, the city is now busier and more exciting than ever, with a flood of new investment.

If you find yourself worn out by it all, you can always take an excursion out to the legendary Mount Fuji, just a short distance away. Locals describe it as a shy mountain because it can disappear in the mist, but if luck is on your side you may catch it on a clear, early morning illuminated by the rising sun — truly a breathtaking sight to behold.

Temple Tokyo
Sensoji Temple in Tokyo was founded in Year 628

Now is the perfect time to explore Japan’s ultra-modern megapolis.