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Go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Gorillas are some of the most fascinating, intelligent animals in the world.

Sadly, they are also among the most endangered.

Due to the rarity of their species, it’s of utmost importance to choose reputable eco-tour operators whom will guide you through an unforgettable trek to observe gorillas in their natural habitat whilst doing so in a responsible manner.


The Virunga Mountains in Rwanda are one of the last wild places to see gorillas.

7 Things to Know Before Your First Gorilla Trek:

1. Get in shape. You’ll need to be fit to endure long hikes in humid conditions.
2. Trekking groups are small and lead by experienced guides.
3. Be quiet. Strictly adhere the rules given by your guide so as not distress the animals.
4. You’re nothing special. Some gorillas are familiar with humans and will continue their daily activities despite your presence.
5. Gorillas are  curious. Some gorillas may take an interest in you and observe you as closely as you scrutinise them.
6. Keep your distance. Follow your guide; do not get close to the gorillas.
7. Visit when you’re healthy. Minor human diseases, such as coughs and colds, can be very dangerous to them.

The experience of encountering these intriguing creatures is well worth it. The best times to go on these tours is from December to February or from June to mid-September. During these months, the weather is less rainy and the gorillas tend to be in more accessible places. The result is reduced walking required to find them. Despite the aforementioned optimal months, tours are available all year-round.


Comfortable accommodation options include lodges on the borders of gorilla territory. As luxury holidays in Rwanda go, gorilla trekking is one of the most remarkable – it will leave you feeling awed and keen to preserve these beautiful creatures for generations to come.

Ready to meet your first gorilla? Talk to us and we will secure a spot for you in one of our tours!