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Family Adventures in Morocco

Morocco is a fascinating country that boasts beautiful architecture, a rich history and amazing food. Fly there directly from Kenya and you’ll find it to be a very welcoming destination for a family holiday.

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Our luxury holidays in Morocco include spacious child-friendly accommodation in attractive areas with excellent access to the most in-demand sites. Exploring Marrakech and souks promising 6,000 stalls on the other side of Djemaa El Fna. Laze around on the beaches. Venture out into the red desert or trek with mules through the pine-fringed, snow-capped mountains of the north. The Moroccan people are very friendly – sometimes to a degree that unnerves visitors – so be prepared for strangers fussing over your children even with spontaneous hugs.

Souk in Marrakech
Djemaa El Fna Square in the heart of Marrakech

Most locals follow a relaxed form of Islam. You’ll still find alcohol available in hotel bars – which will likely to leave you feeling less dizzy than the country’s powerful take on coffee. In other ways this beautiful country is very traditional. For example, discreet breastfeeding is encouraged. Most of the popular activities enjoyed by tourists are child-friendly, including camel rides, traditional Berber-style desert camping, clambering around ancient forts and engaging in gentle water sports in the sheltered lagoons along the Atlantic coast.

Berber-style glamping

Morocco is rediscovering its circus traditions. Kids will love to watch acrobats who often perform in marketplaces and circus tents. Even small towns have bustling markets where children will be fascinated by all the small toys, figurines and shiny jewellery on display, most of which are offered at low prices. Be sure to haggle, as the locals do.


Food is very child-friendly. Street-side cafés frequently offer many small dishes, making it easy to sample and explore lots of foods in manageable amounts. Don’t forget treat your children with traditional sweets.

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