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Destination of the week – ROME
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Italy’s capital takes great pride in its prehistorical and artistic charm – where else would you find the biggest concentration of ancient monuments and art in the world?

Rome is so special – and it’s not just because of the globally respected art galleries, 3000 year history, and culture. The best way experience the city of Rome is to walk in its very streets: the statues, the sculptures, the fountains (with drinkable water!) the piazzas.

In our tour of Rome, our first stop was the Colosseum, a massive stone amphitheater which we learned is still the largest inColosseum the world today. The building stands out for a reason – it has a complex and intricate architecture with a massive sitting capacity and about 80 entrances.
And below it, there are numerous underground tunnels where entertainers would emerge to the arena. Walking across the hallways of the Colosseum is truly exhilarating, what with all the gladiator fights that used to take place here, the public trials and sometimes executions!




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